Expert Advice for combatting loneliness

Professor Christina Victor BA, M Phil, PhD, FAcSS, FFPH is a Professor of Public Health and Vice-Dean of Research at Brunel University specialising in loneliness and isolation. She has written over 180 journal articles and book chapters and has published eight books in the field of gerontology. Her principal research interests are focussed around understanding the social context of ageing and later life.

Below she sets out six simple steps for the Every Visit Counts Campaign to beat loneliness.  

  1. Cultivate and nurture social relationships with people with whom you share a common interest.
  2. Cultivate friendships and relationships with people who are not just your own age.
  3. Find ways of maintaining relationships that work for you. This could be through exchanging letters, meeting people in person, telephone calls or using modern technology such as Skype.
  4. Get to know your neighbours and those who live in your locality.
  5. Stay active by engaging in activity such as volunteering or attending events or taking part in activities.
  6. Thought should be given to the development of friendly communities that cater for the needs of older people.