About Our Campaign

The twin threats of an aging population and an increasingly fractured society means loneliness is a growing but under-appreciated problem in Britain.

Loneliness does not just affect older people. It affects people of all ages but it disproportionately affects older people.

Everyone has a role to play in making sure that older people in Britain do not suffer in silence. That is why homecare provider Bluebird Care has decided to create this campaign. Care companies are in a unique position to help tackle this threat.

Our frontline care assistants are often the only people our customers see each day. They alone cannot solve the loneliness problem but they have a role to play. A visit involving mutual respect, understanding and interest can make a day.

That is why Every Visit Counts.

Our campaign aims to:

  • Raise awareness of loneliness among older people in Britain
  • Share expert advice for beating loneliness
  • Share ways in which everyone can help beat loneliness among older people in our communities
  • Champion the positive role care assistants and carers can have in beating loneliness in Britain